Dr. Barry Littlejohn MD – How to be a Good Listener

A Successful Doctor Barry Littlejohn MD is  who knows how important it is to be a good listener. Good listening skills can be the difference between gaining the trust and confidence of a patient or not.


He is a skilled listener who has earned the loyalty and satisfaction of his patients through paying close attention to their words. Below, he shares some tips on how to be a good listener.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with whoever you are speaking with not only lets that person know that they have your full and complete attention, but it also helps you maintain focus sharply enough to catch the very things the other person might be having trouble trying to communicate.

Ask Questions

Asking questions that pertain t the very things the other person in the conversation is saying is an active engagement of interest, says Dr. Barry Littlejohn MD. It lets the person know that you are thinking about the things they are saying and trying to find real-time solutions to the problem.

Be Sensitive

People can pick up on when you are sensitive to their situation, and more times than not they will appreciate it. Let them know that you care about how they feel and are actively trying to be mindful of the circumstances that pertain to their situation. Ake sure to focus on the things that they seem to be trying to communicate the most, and you will learn that they will be more willing to open up.

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About Dr. Barry Littlejohn MD

Dr. Barry Littlejohn MD is one of the top OB/GYN physicians in Arizona. In fact, when looking at national ratings he is near the top of the list. As one of the kindest doctors in the area who also focuses on being punctual no matter what the circumstances may be, Dr. Barry Littlejohn MD has quickly gained a great reputation. He opened his practice more than a decade ago, but that quickly grew and has been extremely successful due to his work ethic.
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